Pool parties, beach days, and lounging with friends are for most people, what summer is all about. Unfortunately, acne ideally likes to crash your summertime. The season’s humidity and heat make it easy for debris to become trapped beneath the skin pores. This, combined with the strong UV rays from the sun, creates the perfect ingredients for pimples.

However, you do not have to let acne breakouts ruin your summer parties. Adopt a robust skincare regimen for summer and confidently rock sleeveless tops, makeup-selfies, and backless dresses throughout the season.

Here is an ideal skincare routine that you should consider adopting before hitting the beach come summer:

Cleanse Twice a Day

Everyone has experienced the extra skin oiliness when the air is hot and humid. We also tend to sweat more during summer compared to other seasons. If this happens to you as well, then you don’t want to let all the excess sweat and oil linger on your skin throughout the season. To help keep your skin matte and moisturized, cleanse two times a day with foaming, mild cleanser. Wash away the sweat and oil first thing in the morning and repeat the process before bedtime.

If you have eczema, it can be challenging during the summer. So to avoid getting eczema flare-up, make sure you apply a natural eczema cream to avoid getting it out of control.

Apply a Water-Based Moisturizer

Store the heavy-duty moisturizer that you apply during the cold months and go for something lighter. Ensure that it is water-based and that you use it at least twice a day.

Layer on SPF

I’m certain that you are aware that SPF is crucial in your summer skincare regimen, regardless of your skin type. It is imperative to apply a water-resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF value of at least 15 on a daily basis. Even if you’re only exposed to the sun when walking to your car, the sun’s UV rays make their way inside through the windows and prolonged exposure results to early ageing signs. When hitting the pool or doing any activity that causes sweating, ensure you reapply the sunscreen every 2 hours.

Of course, it is vital that you protect your skin through other means. Examples include avoiding the sun during peak hours, by wearing a large brimmed hat or seeking shade.

Moisturize at Night

Other than your regular moisturizer, it’s also worth applying a night cream before you hit the hay. Since you will not be using a heavy-duty moisturizer during daytime, taking this extra step will help replenish your skin by preventing moisture loss and preserving its natural beauty.

Exfoliate With Glycolic Acid

As mentioned earlier, your skin produces excess oil during summer, which can make it look dull and dry, unless you exfoliate on a regular basis. Products with glycolic acid are the best as they help get rid of dead skin cells that are responsible for the dull look. You should apply the product after cleansing your skin every evening before you layer your night serum and cream on top. Keep in mind that glycolic acid increases sun sensitivity in some skin types, and so, put your A-game when it comes to sunscreen application.